Music Theory and History

At Do Re Mi for Kids, music theory is more than just writing an exam … it is the road to the true understanding of music.  Theory and history are an integral part of our group classes.

For more advanced students, we offer classes which prepare them to successfully complete all levels of the RCM exams.  We also offer summer programs which allow our students to focus on music theory once they have completed their school year.  We recommend that students prepare for their theory exams early in their studies, in order to help them better understand the music they are asked to prepare.  Our students take the Level 5 exam after grade 2, the Level 6 exam after grade 4, and the Level 8 exam after grade 6.

We are now taking registrations for our summer theory classes.  Classes will begin the 28th of June  for the RCM exams written on the 5th and 6th of August. The RCM deadline for registration for these exams is June 6th.

You can join us for:

  • intermediate rudiments (level 6)
  • advanced rudiments (level 8)
  • level 9 harmony